Thursday, April 26, 2012

Surprise! Care Package!

Our sweet, sweet friend who served with us one semester and is now in college sent us a care package last week! Inside were all kinds of goodies, and she spent far too much in mailing. Spoiled. That's what we are. Big Ben got to dig for his goodies...sports-themed Easter eggs with candy inside.
There were little happies for all the kids. Bobbing chicks. Bunnies that connect like monkeys in a barrel. Peeps. Grits. Salsa packets. (Speaking of....just a little miracle from God, I thought. Firstborn had one request for her birthday sleepover..."Mama, would you get me one jar of salsa? I know it is hard to find and expensive, so if you can't, it's ok." I never found any. What came 12 hours before her party? A salsa packet!!!)
 CC got the oreos.
 Thank you, sweet Missy, for loving us and sending us this spot of joy!
And let me just say that the malted Easter eggs were never seen by the other six members of my family. They will have absolutely no idea that they were in that package until they read this post.


Tara G. said...

ha!! Love it and you're girl after my own heart! Mr. YH was pouring the smoothies at lunch today and I told him to pour ours first so we'd get more...after all, we need those vitamins! He likened it to putting on your own oxygen mask first! :)

Anonymous said...

So glad about the salsa. Love things like that. Isn't God good to us all? Boy, is He. I can testify to that one also.

Glad to see all of you get these things.


Anonymous said...

Oh, and I have to tell you a story about my mother that your malted eggs reminded me of.

When I was growing up, my dad, aka best-money-manager-in-the-entire-world-until-the-day-he-died, and my mother, aka best-meal-and-budget-planner-in-the-entire-world-even-now would buy groceries each week. My mother planned meals and homemade snacks so well . . . I should write a book. Boy, could she teach anyone how to do that. My dad was just a natural business man. That is all there was to it. He was not wasteful, not greedy, and not stingy, all at the same time. He was very generous, in fact, spoiling us all in his later years.

Anyway . . . . When I was growing up we did not have bought snacks. Budget just did not allow for that. We had lots of homemade things like cookies, cakes, cupcakes, homemade popsicles and all kinds of goodies - always homemade, though. My mother dearly loved potato chips and onion dip like you used to buy. You can't find onion dip that good anymore, but Kraft used to make the best in little round aluminum containers. Once in a great, great, GREAT while, would my dad get my mother her potato chips and dip. She so loved this and got it so rarely, that it was hard for her to share it. But we all loved it too, and being a mother, like all mothers are, she could not keep from giving us some. She would carefully dip a chip (We would have dipped half the dip on one chip.) and hand it to us. We only got two or three and then she said that was enough and ate the rest.

I look back at that now and laugh. That was the only thing I ever remember her being the least big stingy (if you can call it that) with us about. She could not help it, she loved it so much.

You reminded me of that with your malted egg comments and how mothers are human after all. :)


Rachel said...

Mama for the win! :)

Missy said...

I'm so glad y'all got it!!! I can't tell you how much fun I had picking everything out. The people at Kroger probably thought I was crazy. Who spends over 45 minutes walking up and down Easter isle smiling like its Christmas? I'm so glad it came in time for ME's birthday!!

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