Friday, April 27, 2012

Miss Middler Weekend: Friday Night

Well, my little Singapore baby, who was only 18 months old when we moved here, has turned 10. It was time for our "You Are Special and You Are Growing Up" weekend together. CC has been so gracious to keep the other kids for a weekend and let me get away with each girl when she is in the 4th grade. Miss Middler and I greatly looked forward to it. We skipped out of school a little early on Friday afternoon, drove to a hotel in town, then hit the town in Bachelievler, a fun shopping district. I had heard about a new restaurant that had American food. We shared a plate of fajitas and treated ourselves to Dr. Pepper's. Dr. Pepper is not sold here, I have no idea how this guy got it to sell. I guess I don't want to know. What I thought was so cute is that Miss Middler had a school friend who had gotten some Dr. Peppers from the American base. They struck a deal. She was to trade 3 Easter peeps with him for a Dr. Pepper. He never came through. But she was smart enough not to hand over her peeps til she saw the Dr. Pepper! Anyway, she finally got her wish.
We walked and talked and browsed. She had been wanting some big sunglasses. We had fun trying on, picking out, and negotiating the price down.
It's all a game. We pretend to not be all that interested in the item in which we are very interested. He asks if she is my only daughter. I tell him no, I have five children. I am just having a special weekend with one of them. He says I deserve a better price. I get 25% knocked off. I'll have to remember I can't negotiate in Walmart this summer.
Then we hit Starbucks for a little treat. We were amid a young crowd, all on i-phones and chatting with friends. We felt pretty cool ourselves, at 40 years old and 10 years old, in our new sunglasses!


Rachel said...

Awesome glasses. My mom used to give my older sisters a hard time about negotiating in WalMart. They were never sure if she was serious or not. My blog has several new posts. :) This 5th pregnancy has had me hanging over the porcelain throne for five months now. I haven't felt like doing a thing. Hope that changes SOON.

Anonymous said...

This post sounds like a genuinely fun time!

Love going out with each of my kids alone. Love it. Recently did that with each of my sons . . . Had so much fun. Girls everywhere we went did not seem to mind that Maverick was with his mother. We even got stopped in traffic! I was giggling and laughing the whole way. Maverick was blushing, but I think he must be used to it. He is a very modest young man. (Never fear, Mom keeps a close watch on that particular trait - ha.)

Just wait until your time comes with Ben! I know Papa will probably take him, but I bet you will also . . . Mother and son on a date is too much fun for you to miss.


Tara G. said...

Girlfriend, PUH-LEEEEEEEZE e-mail me and share a little about your weekend talk! I'm gearing up for my first and hoping my girlfriend and her daughter will be able to meet up with us for a weekend- we thought it'd be kind of fun for the girls (and easier on the mamas!). Love the glasses, I love Dr. Pepper and I'd so hook you up if you were in town (along with the makings for Chex mix!). We got our tickets last week- July 1. Hubby starts work on my birthday- the 31st- want to come to Little Rock and help me celebrate one year closer to 40?!

Angie said...

What a great girls day! Love the new glasses you all got! You all are too cool :)

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