Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Capturing Cappadocia: 11th Century Church

One day we went for a hike in Love Valley. This area contained an 11th century church (pictured above) we had not before seen.

Here are very old frescoes and very young children.
While inside, Sweet Cheeks became very interested in trying to determine which Bible stories were being depicted on the walls and ceiling. The day after she came to Christ, when she was 5, she had a visible awakening in her Spirit for the things of the Lord. She suddenly wanted to pray with us at family devotions. She wanted to read her own Bible and not just listen in. This was another evidence to me of the Holy Spirit in her life. She could not get enough of this church and who each character depicted might be. She rightly guessed that in the dome was Jesus' ascension.
For those who have read this blog for a time, you know I try to spot and photograph crosses in this country. Here's one from 900 years ago.
To see the inside of the church, we walked a short distance and found the caretaker. This cave was his office, complete with an exhaust pipe for his cooking fire. We paid him a little fee, and he walked back to the church with us with his key to open it for us. I could not help but to be struck with the irony that he held the key to truth in his hand, but not his heart.
CC found some mistletoe outside and couldn't pass it up.


Rachel said...

I love the history of Turkey. It made the book of Acts seem so real to me. That's great that they are getting to experience this so young. And I love that last picture. Looks like a movie shot! :)

Tara G. said...

If you ever get to Kyiv (can't you come before I go?!), visit St. Sofia's. Inside, on the second floor, there is a place where they've uncovered frescos that depict Bible stories. One of my favorites is of the flood because it's just another evidence that it was true history.

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