Sunday, April 29, 2012

Miss Middler Weekend: Golbasi

We listed out what we might like to do together, as we talked about all those 'growing up' issues. We decided to drive just to the outskirt of town to the lake called Golbasi. We wanted to ride a paddleboat (called a sea bicycle here!) Unfortunately, the water was choppy and we could not get one. Instead, we walked around and just looked at the beauty. Can you spot the 2 birds in the bulrushes? Her honey-wheat hair is the same color.
We found some pretty tulips and took some pictures. Did you know Turkey originally gave tulips to Holland, which has made that country famous?

 Together time! I love being alone with her. She is a quiet, pensive girl. But many thoughts and questions come out when she is one-on-one.
 I love this picture.

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Angie said...

Beautiful photos- I love the Mother/Daughter picture!

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