Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend With Twinkle Toes: Saturday morning

We woke up Saturday morning, still pinching ourselves. Everything was so nice. It was sort of funny to walk around the hotel and realize all those people had A LOT of money. We just had A LOT of frequent flier miles, ha! At one point, we ran into a man who looked very much like Sadaam Hussein, with his two wives. We smiled. They did not smile. I was tempted to ask, but did not, "So, how'd you pay for this? You must own the oil I buy, huh?"
We woke Saturday morning, eagerly anticipating our breakfast. We were not disappointed. Those of you reading this who live or have lived here know that for me to tell you they had bacon, pancakes, maple syrup, and homemade applesauce was a BIG DEAL.
Twinkle Toes ate all this. Then went back for seconds!
Then she had an omelette, made to order. These guys really liked her!
This picture was totally posed because I wanted to take the picture below without them knowing I was taking it!
What is this? A Mid-East summit?
More tomorrow on how we spent our day!
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Rachel said...

That's hilarious. I would have posed the picture too just to take a picture of them. :)

Tara G. said...

You are a trip!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I've been a little behind in my CC blog reading so today I got caught up . . .

Impressions: Wow, what an adventure in Istanbul! Confirmed my desire to travel there . . . except I definitely want to go by rail, Paris to Istanbul!

Next, love the weekend alone with one of your girls. That is one of the highlights for me as a mother. I can hardly hold back my excitement when I get an outing with one of my kids by themselves - something I also make an effort to do periodically. I realized a long time ago the benefit of that and how much I get to know a different dimension of their personality when they are alone with mom. I just love it! On one of my outings, I discovered that I have a son who loves shopping, more than I do, because I don't really. He does!

The airplane ride with the doughnuts . . . And what was "wrong" with that??? Ha. I would have done the same exact thing. In fact, there are no Krispy Kremes in the northern part of our state so Dave and I will swing through one in a big city over the state line and bring them home for the family every now and then.

I feel a Krispy Kreme run on the horizon!! :)

Of all the places you have blogged about, I most definitely think I would LOVE Istanbul. Just can't get over that!!

Oh, and as for siblings . . . Well, I only had one sibling also, a sister, and she indeed is a special person to me. Her love for my children and husband has warmed my heart many, many times. I am relating to your love for your brother and his family.

God bless you Sara . . . Thanks again for sharing all these things.


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