Wednesday, November 24, 2010

How Does One Prepare for Turkey Day in Turkey?

Let's see...
1. Go down to the butcher and explain that you want a whole bird, a turkey. (Oh, I hope it is plucked.) Hope that his phone call to his turkey-guy contact will successfully land you a bird by Wednesday morning.
2. Begin assigning different side dishes to the folks who are coming. Explain to one precious friend what 'snap beans' means. (You know who you are.)
3. Throw your arms around the neck of your mommy-friend who offers to cook the turkey for you if you'll just get it to her!
4. Drive to the big grocery store in hopes of finding 'things' that will work for the 'things' we can't get here.
5. Rejoice when an American military friend overhears ya'll are trying to re-hydrate dried cranberries and offers some fresh cranberries.
6. Smile wide when you find frozen green beans and all you have to do is pick out the random little frozen tomatoes that are thrown in with them. This means you don't have to snap!
7. Thank God again for friends who mail you pecans.
8. Take a deep breath when you arrive at the butcher and there is no bird. Trust him when he says he'll get it, just come back in a few hours.
9. Realize that even without finding frozen green beans, getting free cranberries, and potentially not having a bird to cook, it would still be Thanksgiving. I have so much to be thankful for! What about you?


Tara G. said...

I've been there, friend- and to this day I wonder why we didn't buy into the commissary last time!? I had to explain that I wanted the whole bird, no feathers, no head, no feet, no guts, and NO THANK YOU, I did not want to watch them kill it! Why don't you all come here for Thanksgiving next year?! You know- a business trip to see how the international school works here! I'll have a Butterball, sweet potato casserole- and what else can I tempt you with?! Time with my cute kids!? :)

Claire said...

Such a funny post. Happy Thanksgiving!


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