Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving At Our House

Every year, we round up any staff members who would like to come and share in a big Thanksgiving dinner. We had a great crowd this year!
My kids love, love, love it when their teachers come over for a party.
We did manage to get a Tom Turkey and had all the side dishes to go with it. Thanks to a couple of precious friends who overheard me mentioning that we were going to go without sweet potatoes and to try to re-hydrate dried cranberries for sauce, we ended up with the real stuff. Thanks, friends!

These two little Turks were waiting for their turkey. Big Ben seriously overloaded on cranberry sauce. I guess he'll have good kidney function this week.
And we rounded out the night with pumpkin pie, pecan pie, and decaf coffee...for all. Even Sweet Cheeks who was served by a teacher!
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Shannon said...

I knew Benaiah and I had a special connection. It's not Thanksgiving without cranberry sauce!! I can't let the day go on without it!

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