Monday, November 8, 2010

Punkin' Carvin'

Have I told you before that all the pumpkins in Turkey are green? Tis true! They're orange on the inside, but green on the outside. Well, once again, God gave us orange pumpkins though we are surrounded by green. About a month ago, we spotted a truckload of green pumpkins, but nestled among them were a few orange. Last year this same guy tried to tell me the orange ones weren't as yummy. I explained they were the color of the pumpkins in our home country. This year, he remembered me and said, "I've got some orange for you!" (What must he be thinking???...something like...crazy woman.) We used them to decorate our den until last weekend. Then, we carved!

This one's always good for a laugh...

Big Ben got to go downstairs to carve. He spent most of his time keeping his toes over the edge of the curb, knowing he is not allowed to go in the street, but wanting to see how far out his toes could go and still balance. He also had fun choking his big sis.

Ahhh...but then he blew me kisses...and I melted. His knuckles are still dimples. I melt.

CC is a very good carver. And his four little girls are very good sorters. And his wife is a very good seed roaster. So it all works out. Happy Fall!

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Anonymous said...

Look at all the good stories I get to read today --- Several posts I have not read. Love the last picture of Ben in this one . . . Love the pumpkin carving, Annika's birthday celebration and all things in between.

Especially liked your mention of "brave women" and I can imagine what you are talking about. How awesome.

Still really enjoy reading of life in the Campbell Clan. God bless all of you!


Rachel said...

How fun! I love dimpled fingers too. :)

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