Friday, November 19, 2010

Beautiful Bolu Part II

We planned to hike while we were there, but ended up just staying around the cabin. In fact, the novelty of having a green grassy field in which to play never wore off for the Campbellclan. They played capture the flag, tag, baseball, and tackle football.

Twinkle Toes realized her baby brother is quite a contendor these days.

I like this picture. CC is in the back, perhaps acting as catcher for a baseball game. And there's a little slice of Twinkle Toes involved somehow. Then there's Sweet Cheeks, ever content to sit at a picnic table and color. And in the very front? Wildflowers picked by Firstborn, put in Turkish teacups, and displayed for me in the kitchen window.

We did take one short stroll through the forest. There we gunshots coming from all around. We never did figure out if it was revelry or hunting.
And again, Sweet Cheeks was in her own little drama here. She was all the actresses and director all at once.

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Shannon said...

I love how long Eva's hair is getting. Every one of these pictures is so beautiful, and I love the new one at the top!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE all these pictures . . . These are perfect pictures, each and every one!!

I bet all of you really soaked this up! I would have.

There is good in everything, though. Your adventures in the big city are also pretty neat.

Great pictures! More for my favorite list!


P. S. I so relate to SC!! I was her when I was growing up. I have one like her/me also. When I got much older (19 & 20) and wanted to play ball with my cousins because I just wanted to be with them, I made myself play but you don't know how truly boring that was to me! SC has some special gifts somewhere. Somewhere she got some talents the others don't have.

Tara G. said...

Green grass without dog doo and cig. butts?! Green with envy, girl!

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