Saturday, November 13, 2010

Weekend in Istanbul Part IV

Ok, so my final post on Istanbul will confess as to what the highlight of our weekend was. See the sign above my head?
Krispy Kreme!!! Just like in America! My friend Brenda googled it, and we discovered they have about 13 of them (couldn't they share just one with our city, we all wondered?) We found the closest one, all five crammed in a taxi, and cheered when the taxi driver found it. Actually, he smirked when we said the neighborhood, then "Krispy Kreme biliyor misin?" (Do you know Krispy Kreme?) Seems he'd had a doughnut or two there himself...

I had a real cappuccino and a Halloween-decorated doughnut.
And then like good roommates/friends/wives, we bought a dozen each to bring home to loved ones. Yes, on the airplane. We really were not embarrassed at cramming 5 dozen doughnuts into the overhead luggage compartments.
Sunday night came. We waited in the Istanbul airport for two hours for the fog to lift. At one point, we wondered if they'd fly at all that night. I called CC and said, "Maybe we should get a refund, rent a van, and I'll drive us home." His response, "Are you crazy?" Soon after, they announced we would fly.

Back to home. Back to life. I enjoyed it, but three days away was enough for me. Big Ben kissed me over and over. I wonder what all went on while I was away?

So now, your turn. Ever taken anything crazy as a carry on in an airplane?

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Tara G. said...

I've flown a charter to Egypt with a bunch of Russians/Ukrainians- does that count?!

And, NO STINKING WAY! Krispy Kremes?!?!?!?!? Why didn't they need us at the Turkish embassy?!?!?!

Shannon said...

I've carried on 100 tea bags with coca leaves in them, an illegal substance in the U.S. ... but maybe that should have been left unsaid :)

Deena said...

I carried on 2 tea sets from Belarus. They were in little boxes and tied up with string. Amazingly every piece made it home with out breaking.

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