Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Fall Carnival

Fall Carnival is a highlight for us every year!

Face painting: (on chubby cheeks)
A worn out boy after a lot of candy and games...
Seems the 8th graders put CC as the bullseye target in their dart game...hmmm.
The best of friends...for 3 years now!
It's always so fun to see our school friends outside of school, isn't it?
This was a boy gone wild. I lost him for about 10 minutes...then it dawned on me, find a game with a ball, you'll find him. Miss Morton found him finally, she must have had the same thought.

Adorable! (The girl on the left is my student this year. When she was born, CC and I were asked to name her. Precious.)

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Shannon said...

Ah! Daniel and Paolos! So good to see those boys again. And Eva's little friend too. Familiar faces, and they've grown so much! :)

Tara G. said...

CUTE pictures- love the one of your kindergartner and her friend! So what did you name the little girl?! I had a student named Precious once. She was, decidedly, not, however.

Anonymous said...

I giggled about your losing Ben. Wait until the day you walk out with the wrong child. I used to count little blond heads and not really pay attention to faces. Thought I knew my kids, right? At church in the middle of a lot of people, I counted four blond heads, the right height, two girls, two boys, and then herded them out to the parking lot to get in the car. One of the girls spoke up and said, "Mom, this is not Maverick!"

Somehow boys lend themselves to being lost . . . That is all I am saying. :)


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