Sunday, November 14, 2010

Weekend With Twinkle Toes: Friday Night

I am married to an amazing man. Not only did he keep all 5 Campbell kids last weekend so I could go to a women's conference, he sent me away this weekend as well.

When Firstborn was about ten years old (before I blogged), we took her on a mini-trip with us, alone without her siblings. That weekend was very special for both of us. We talked about how special she is, about growing from girl to lady, about making choices that honor the Lord. We decided when each daughter hit about that age, we'd let them do the same. Also, we live in a home with four girls and sometimes it's just nice for each of them and for me to have alone time together. Looking at the calendar, this weekend seemed the best, as we have a week off of school this coming week. I wasn't so sure about traveling out of town without CC, so we decided to stay in our city. We have frequent flier miles, so I used them to pay for a hotel for the two of us for the weekend.

My hotel options were the Hilton...where George W. Bush stayed. Hmmm. That would take a lot of miles. Some other options would land us in not-so-great parts of's getting dark early. So we opted for the Swissotel. Oh man. Good choice. CC had fun teasing me about our choice. This is the hotel where we get to go to many of the beautiful Embassy parties. It's nice.

When we got to our room, Twinkle Toes promptly giggled and fell backwards on the bed. It was clear she was going to enjoy it. She must have told me she loved me 15 times before the night was over. We put our things down, wandered around the hotel, then headed out hand-in-hand to find some dinner.

We split a vegetable pide.
Doesn't this look good? When Twinkle saw the broccoli, that's what she wanted.
Then we stopped in a bakery and bought a few cookies. The sweet sales girl added to our joy by giving T. T. a free sample. We walked back to our hotel and made 2 decaf coffees (with 2 sugars and a creamer each) with the espresso machine.

Coffee before bed. A hot bubble bath. Curling up in a big king sized bed with mom. Yes, she felt special. More tomorrow on what we did when we hit the town!
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Tara G. said...

I LOVE it! We're trying to prepare for some special markers like this, too. It's so important to have these times to remind, instruct, disciple them- all those good things! Ok, so now talk him into a weekend in Kyiv! :)

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