Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Photos Worth Sharing Part III

And perhaps the highlight of our 24 hours in Cappedocia is when we took our friends to the old church we found last year.
It happened to be a Sunday morning. It seemed the perfect time and place to worship the Lord.
We sang a mix of hymns, worship, and fun kids' praise songs. Here we are teaching our friends a line in a song, "What can we do apart from Him?" (The answer? Nothing!)
We also heard A, jr. sing some beautiful Jewish praise music (in Hebrew!). Here we are teaching them the dance to a song the kids leaned at VBS. And to think, He has been listening to worship in that place for over a thousand years. Glory!
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KT said...

Love it- barb and I made up those moves! How cool to see you doing them in such a great place:)

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