Thursday, November 4, 2010

Fall Photo Shoot: My Beautiful Girls

Miss Middler.
Twinkle Toes.
Sweet Cheeks.
Watch out, CC. There may be a few tall young men knocking on our door one of these days.
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Anonymous said...

I am laughing . . . And I think I am the only mother who runs around admiring how beautiful my children are. I even do that with my boys!!

YES, your girls are beautiful and so are mine!! :))


Anonymous said...

Oh, and poor Ross . . . I am afraid he is in for it one of these days. Even my very easy going, sweet, never-minds-anything, very social David will not talk about boys, marriage or any other such subject where his girls are concerned. He also says he is NOT giving them away when they marry. (I will have to do a lot of praying/cajoling when the day comes.) It gets worse when they are old enough for Papa to realize that some bumbling creature (My dad called them bears in a china closet.) is coming after his girls. :)))

Jeff and Kibbie said...

They are beautiful! I saw the link on your blog to Mary Erin's blog the other day - I loved reading her posts!

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