Thursday, November 11, 2010


We (staff kids) did trick-or-treating at the teachers' houses. CC always keeps me guessing. He said nothing, I mean nothing, about dressing up. Then just minutes before it was time to go, he came out as this one-armed farmer with a talking crow on his shoulder. I laughed, the kids squealed with delight. Big Ben wasn't so sure.
One highlight for us is always going to the home of my good friend Brenda. This gal was my prayer partner the first year the school opened, and she's stuck it out with us all these years. She's CC's assistant principal (which means she gets late night, "What do you think about this?" calls often). But she's also "Auntie" to my kids and one of the best friend's I've ever had. On Halloween, she turns into a crazy old lady when she answers the door. This year she came out with a lantern and homemade "eyeballs" for each of the kids to eat. (Firstborn got a kick out of catching her by seeing her computer screen lit up and asking about that!)
Here's my kiddos...a vampire (because in her mind, it needed to be scary), an eyeball, a less than cooperative Bob the Builder (note his hat on the ground), a kitty cat, and a tacky tourist who claimed to have had a whirlwind tour of Hawaii, Singapore, and Turkey.
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