Tuesday, November 23, 2010

...And How Could I Forget?

And how could I forget? This beauty was parked on the grounds of Bolu. The minute we drove up, it wasn't the mountains, or the cabin, or the lush green was this for Big Ben. He started screaming, "Baba!!! Baba!!" (what he calls CC, the Turkish name for Dad)
Incidentally, he brought his birthday present, which was an exact little replica of this big monster. His has buttons that make it shake like it's digging, holler "Caterpillar Power!!", and all other manor of fun construction sounds.

We let him sit inside with clear reminders to be careful, those are "real" buttons. It took him about 3 seconds to get the hang of steering, shifting, honking, and attempting to lift the scoop before CC got in there with him to make sure he didn't start rolling down the hill.

It's nice to know he has testosterone.

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Mitch-Shannon said...

Haha. I just had a good laugh after your last comment. I'm so glad he's figured out "boy" so well after playing with the sisters' toys with me a year ago. He's definitely ALL boy now!! I miss that little prince.

Tara G. said...

We have those construction vehicles! And I've heard the same things!! :) In fact, birthday party #3 was a digger party, complete with orange cone candles! When we first got here in February, the kids were enthralled watching cranes out the window!

Kelley said...

Aren't little boys just the best too? :)

Anonymous said...

Sara, you are so funny. I had dump trucks instead of dolls and none of the hormones BB has. :)

I had to tell you that. I am dying laughing. I did not like dolls, loved construction trucks so Daddy bought them for me . . . After all, I was suppose to be a boy. Was named after him and everything. It never hurt my female hormone supply one bit. (Remember I am like SC and didn't like getting dirty, etc.) In fact, I still remember my favorite truck, it had a crane. :)


Christy said...

Benaiah is growing so fast! He was only a baby a year ago and now he is a toddler! It is sad how fast time goes by...

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