Monday, May 31, 2010

Morning Sunshine

How's your weather been? We've had a beautiful Spring! The girls leave the house in light jackets, but by 10AM, it's warm! I've been taking BB to the park some mornings before his nap. He loves it! What I had to convince his older sister to do at 4 years old, he readily attempts at 20 months...the tube slide!

I've also included a video of my little guy because it is CLASSIC BB! Down the slide...giggles...helicopter overhead....excitement....where'd it go?....oh well, back to the slide. This is my everyday with him! Enjoy!
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Tara G. said...

So cute, Sara!! We used to live in the traffic pattern at the base in NC and my son went nuts daily! :)

BeechemBrightSpots said...

He is a cutie! Glad you have nice weather! It's so hot here already!

The Fish Family said...

that is just adorable!! We loved it!

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