Friday, May 21, 2010

Wizard of Oz Part I

Well, last night was the big night! This morning, we all (teachers) sort of stood around the office just basking in that..."These are OUR kids! Can you believe how well they did?!" glow. Our director told me I am free to post pictures now, so here we go....

The girls got home at 3:30, after their walk home from school. Then began the organized, but fast, plan to get them rested, fed, watered (yes, I remember to 'water' my children better than I do my plants!), make-upped, and out to door to the theater by 5:30. All went smoothly, except for one thing. Big Ben did NOT like how his sister looked in stage makeup!
I have a confession. I know I should not want to make my son cry, but there is this little part of me that thinks it is so adorable when he is scared, I have to do it just once. I think Firstborn inherited that trait. She would peek out at him, see his darling face start to tremble, then just cry, "Oh, he's sooooooo cute!"

Firstborn was a jitterbug...half plant, half animal. Her animal of choice was a cat. How does she look?
And these two precious babies are munchkins. They were supposed to look as whimsical as possible. Being the good Southern woman that I am, I had plenty of red lipstick choices for them. I gave them sparkly purple eye shadow with little curly-Q lines just outside of their eyes. Oh, how they liked those curly-Q's.

Next up: Pre-stage jitters!
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Anonymous said...

Okay, I am back to feeling sorry for Ben again. I remember this feeling when he was newborn and the world was fascinated with his private body parts . . . to the point of his wearing a costume to celebrate the ritual.

Okay, Sara . . . send that precious little guy to his unknown, but thinks he's a doll, adopted-Aunt-Mel-nie. :) No one will be scaring him over here . . :)

(By the way, my grandmother used to say something like that to my mom and dad . . . "Send that baby to me. . . " :) Also, when I am Aunt Anybody, my name suddenly has just two syllables instead of three. Mel-nie, as opposed to Mel-a-nie.)

Thought I'd clear that up. :)

Of course, the girls were dolls as always. Mary is beautiful in her makeup, Annika smiles EXACTLY like you . . . the red lipstick shows that up and Esther (or Essie, as you call her) is her lovely self as always. She seems so ladylike to me.

On to the next chapter . . . [big smile]


P. S. I've been up with my "big babies" pondering life and answering a million questions. Have your reached that phase yet? If not, you will. Not sure exactly what age they are when they start picking your brain. Ha.

Tara G. said...

How fun!! They look like they had a blast!

Rachel said...

How cute! And yes, I do that to my baby too.

Laurie said...

M.E. looks cute! That is funny that BB was scared of her.

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