Friday, May 14, 2010

Pazaar Day

Pazaar Day comes on Thursdays. Sometimes when the week has seemed long...or we just need to get out and feel connected with the world around us, we head down there.

First stop: a hot gozleme for lunch. This lady fries it on a dome griddle. We opted for potatoes inside.

The vendors display their wares by stringing them up on clotheslines. They remind me of flags.

I don't knit. Or crochet. Or any of that stuff. But I love to look at all the yarn.

We stopped at the dried goods booth. I bought some yellow raisins to make CC some granola cereal. Big Ben was offered a sample. He grabbed so much in his hands, then crammed it all in his mouth at once. This pleased the vendor so much, he insisted he take more.

Then we spotted some chicks. They're called "civciv" (pronounced jiv-jiv) because it sounds like the sound they make. No, we didn't take a sample of those.

Then we came back home, sufficiently mentally stimulated enough for a good nap!

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Anonymous said...

This reminds me of days when we lived in Indiana. Kathleen was the only one I had at the time and about Ben's age, maybe a little older. There were days I did the same thing your talking about just to get out. Mine and Kathleen's place was the Ben Franklin 5 & 10. (I guess they don't have those anymore.)

This store had its tables and shelves piled to the ceiling, really. I loved looking at the yarn also - believe it or not. That was before I started knitting and crocheting. In fact, I first started with plastic canvas that I bought in that Ben Franklin store.

Kathleen and I would go home, go for our walk in the stroller and then sit side by side on the couch watching, "Sewing with Nancy." Kathleen has always been studious, even at that age. She didn't move a muscle as long as she was by my side.

It's good times Sara. I would re-live those days in a heartbeat, if I could.


Rachel said...

My kids have started noticing chicks and goslings around and are really curious. Apparently, before I was born one spring my mom and dad bought my brother and sisters each a baby chick dyed a spring color. I'm so not kidding. When they grew in their regular feathers they took them to the farm and I think they eventually ended up in a pot.

Tara G. said...

They string up unmentionables by clothes lines in the metro to sell. I always wonder who really is going to but them as they walk off public transport?!?!

LOVE Turkish apricots!!!

The Fish Family said...

Hey, I saw a few baby ducks too in that box!

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