Thursday, May 27, 2010

Wizard of Oz: Part V Jitterbugs

Mary Erin was chosen to be one of the five jitterbugs.
A jitterbug is a little 1/2 plant, 1/2 animal critter who interrupts the process of following the yellow brick road. The jitterbugs method of disturbance? They make you dance...and dance and dance and dance!
The girls learned the Charleston (a harder version than I've ever tried), as well as Swing Dancing. All week I've tried to upload a video of their dance, but it must be too big, it just won't work.
Still shots will have to suffice. Take my word for it, they were fabulous!
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Rachel said...

Dancing is so much fun! Looks like a blast.

Anonymous said...

Mary looks adorable, as always. :)

Lately it seems as if there are trying times for a lot of us . . . Each person facing different adversities, but I am a big believer in focusing on the good things in life. Doesn't the Bible tell us to do that?

I'm saying that to say I appreciate your blog and the cheerfulness that you share . . . even when pondering pesky neighbors. I think we all should encourage one another, don't you? I enjoy hearing about other people's kids and the good things God is doing in their lives. I love watching them grow. I talk about my kids alot also. I am so thankful for the blessings God gives, aren't you?

Thanks for sharing the blessings in your life. There will be a day when all the believers are gathered together as the family we are -- Sort of a giant family reunion that will never end. While I enjoy life here, I look forward to that day also.

Love all of you-

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