Friday, May 28, 2010

Wizard of Oz: Part VI Flowers

I wanted to surprise the girls after their last performance with a bouquet of flowers. I knew just what to get...

Red for Esther.
Pink for Annika.
Blue for Mary Erin.
All the way home, the girls said, "Oh, mama, you didn't have to do that...." and "Oh, mama, you are always getting us things, we should get you flowers." Then I told them that I got them flowers because I wanted them to know how very proud I was of their hard work, and that I got them individual colors (their favorites) to tell them that they are each unique and special to me. Having girls is nice....!
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Anonymous said...

Relating all the way to the precious thing it is to have daughters! :)

Wait until Ben is old enough to put his arms around you and say, "Mama, have you had a good day? Are you okay?" They are very protective toward their mother in a way girls are not.

I can't cry in front of my boys at all. They cannot stand to see me cry so I have to hide that from them. They don't know I am in the room until they think I am hurt or feeling bad . . .

We know why the Bible calls them "gifts" don't we? :)


Deena said...

This one is so sweet - it brought tears to my eyes. How special that you got each girl unique flowers! What a thoughtful mama you are!

Ann Flowers said...
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