Monday, May 24, 2010

Wizard of Oz: Part IV Munchkin Land

See my comments below to identify each video.

Our drama teacher envisioned munchkin land to be whimsical, fun, colorful, silly. The kids' clothes were mismatched. All the socks were striped (and, I must confess, most came from our house!). The hairstyles were adorable and crazy. Annika had so much gel in her "heart on top of her head braid" that the 3 twines of the braid stood straight up when we took it out! All these little peeps did a wonderful job. They remembered their lines, they stayed in character, and they were just darling! I hope you enjoy watching them. So, Here are some video clips of my munchkins!

Video 1. The munchkins discover the Wicked Witch has been killed and Essie's big 'sneeze' that scares her fellow munchkins. (Annika is in the striped top, and pastel halter top and pant set. Essie is in the yellow top and hot pink patterned pants.)

Video 2. Munchkins meet Dorothy and sing "The House Began to Pitch...."

Video 3. "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead" (and Annika/Esther's special solo singing lines)

Video 4. The Lollipop Guild

Video 5. (below) And finally, the appearance of the Witch (which I just HAD to include because Esther's scream center-stage is so priceless!)


Kelley said...

so sweet to see videos all the way from turkey :) your girls (and all "your" kids) are precious! thanks for sharing :)

The Fish Family said...

All of us enjoyed the video clips! The munchkins did a super job!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great job they did!! I was finding myself wishing there was more video!

Thanks for sharing this.


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