Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Budding Scientists

For the last month, our two oldest girls have been preparing for the school science fair. Planning, testing, recording, analyzing, preparing. It all culminated Friday night when the judges arrived. I said what every mom says and truly means, "No matter what. I am proud of you. You've worked hard, and you're a winner in my book!" Just before the fair, Esther began to run a fever. I called my fellow teacher buddy and said, "I'm stayin' home unless I need to come. You call me if any of them get anything, even an honorable mention." (It should be noted that the day before one of the kids piped up to CC and said, "What's 'honorable mention' mean?" Do you know what he said? He said, "It means you didn't quite get good enough to get first, second, or third." Seriously. And this man runs a school. I quickly edited his remark for him.)

So, anyway, I got a call. "You need to come. At least one of them got something."

They sure did. Annika took first place for all of 3rd grade. Her project was testing whether your brain works better after exercise. I did a lot of jumping jacks for that ribbon.

And Mary Erin's project was to determine which nuts gives the most energy to us, based on burning them to see how much it heats up water. My kitchen became a pyro-maniac's dream. When the result was called for fifth grade, she did not get a ribbon. I turned immediately and looked up at the atrium's balcony at her. I knew she was disappointed. I mouthed to her, "Yours was my favorite." And it was.

And then they got to the end and announced "Best of Show" ...the one where you get a trophy, and only two kids in the school get it. And Mary Erin was one. And I bit my lip so hard trying not to cry, it almost made me cry. Way to go, girls!
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Melanie Keffer said...


I laughed and laughed about Ross' description of Honorable Mention . . . That was too good. :)

Sara, when Karoline was 13 and entered a talent show, I prepared her not to be disappointed if she didn't win. After all, she was singing and surely no child out of my tone-deaf body would be able to carry a tune in bucket plus no one in our family sang too much. I had heard her sing around the house, but all kids sound cute doing that.

Imagine my chagrin when she walked up to the microphone and opened her mouth. I was glued to my seat, expressionless. We were the only ones still seated as everyone else stood to their feet and gave her a roaring ovation. Teacher after teacher came up to us afterward all saying the same thing, "Karoline, why didn't you tell us you could sing like that?"

That was the night my little opera singer was born. I will never forget it.

I said that to tell you that I know EXACTLY how you felt when Mary received Best of Show. All I can say, is way to go, way to go!! Those science fairs are not easy to win. Two winners at once! Makes you wonder what their futures hold, doesn't it? I can't wait to see.


Kandi West said...

Maybe I'm hormonal, but I just cried reading this. Scary to think how much I will cry when my OWN children win something! I love reading about your life and family, Sara.

Deena said...

Congratulations to both girls! That's great! I'm sure you were having to blink back those tears. I know you are proud of your kids.

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