Saturday, March 27, 2010

Why My Son Has a Hard Adjustment at 7:45AM

This is how we look in the mornings. All dressed for school, breakfast eaten, teeth brushed, ready to put on shoes and head out the door. Big Ben was too quiet one morning, so I went looking. He had not one, but all four sisters attending to his every desire. One was pulling him, the others were congratulating/conjoling/admiring/whatevering him.
He's so happy at 7:30AM. (Don't let the biceps fool you, it's all fat.)
And then they start to put on their shoes. He cries to go, too. He begs. He lunges for the door.
His only consolation is that we go out to the balcony for one last wave goodbye to the beautiful sisters.
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Jeff and Kibbie said...

Your kids are so cute! What a handsome little man and what great big sisters!

The Fish Family said...

Bless his heart - What a rough life King Tut has, Huh?? He is such a doll. Those eyes are a knock out!!

Melanie Keffer said...

Ahhhhh . . . I am laughing because I know how much these little brothers eat up that big sister attention. As everyone in our house as grown older, the sisters evolved into maids, laundresses, cooks, chauffeurs, banks (mainly lenders), and sources for parental inside information.

In other words, someday those beautiful sisters will pay through the nose for all the love they doted on little brother. Ha.

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