Friday, March 12, 2010

The Christmas Photo

Some of you have asked if Mom and Dad made it back ok. They did, thank you.
While in A. P., I told them they had to hop out and get this!

"Youngsters by an Old Aquaduct"
"Something Old, Something New"
"Nothing like antiquity to make you feel younger"
What's your suggestion for a title?

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Melanie Keffer said...

How about "Worn to Perfection"

I saw that several years ago and loved it. Isn't it the truth?

What a beautiful picture of your mom and dad. Glad to hear they made it safely.

Thanks Sara, for making us feel like part of the family by sharing these personal stories.


rachel said...

love the sweet pictures of mom and dad fish...and so glad they made it home safely!!! :) have a great you guys! :)

Rachel said...

As my mom would say, 'well seasoned' Glad you all had a good visit.

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