Saturday, March 6, 2010

Road Trip

Saturday we headed out bright and early (8:40AM, that's an early road trip start for Campbells) to Antioch Pisidia. I'll post more this week on what amazing things can be found there, but to are some fun car pictures.

Mom insisted on being in the jump seat! Our van is a made-over-to-passenger-former-cargo-van. Translation: little shock absorbers, fun ride! She put the two little ones on either side of her and let them have a soft place to sleep. It didn't take Eva long to doze off.
The middle girls had fun with a game they brought to play in the car.
And Firstborn got to sit in the front, a real treat for her! She learned all about maps, signs, shifting gears.
And this little, big guy "got his eyes together" as my Granny would say.
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Anonymous said...

and MY grandmother would say that Benaiah "went to sleep right!" :) precious pictures.

Melanie Keffer said...

Not sure why, but I am looking forward to hearing about the trip. I think it is because your family reminds me so much of mine. We took trips together with my mother and dad EVERY summer. Looking back, those were the best times.

So, I'll sit back and vicariously enjoy another family road trip!

Thanks for sharing.


P. S. Kathleen was always in the front seat, when possible. I even have pictures of that.

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