Monday, March 8, 2010

The Crowd

One thing Campbell Clansman told my parents on our road trip was..."At Antioch Pisidia, where we are going, there won't be ANYONE there." Truly, we drove up and no one was there. We had the whole place to ourselves, we thought. Before starting on our tour of this Biblical site, some of us went to find a restroom. When we came back, one hundred people surrounded my husband and son! Ha ha. I love it! A couple busloads of college students (of archaeology) were having a field trip, prior to an official 'dig' this Spring. Surrounded by thousands of significant rocks, all they really cared about was the little boy in Ross' arms.
I love the young people here. They have such a respect for the elderly and an appreciation for the young. They asked us what we do here and all the usual questions about our family. They could not get enough of Benaiah, especially when they found out he was born here. They declared, "Well, then, he is Turk!"
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Anonymous said...

precious! i love these people!

Melanie Keffer said...

How wonderful! So many good things about Turkey, isn't there?

Isn't that the way it always is? Funny I should read this post today because I had a discussion with someone yesterday about seeing the good there is in life as opposed to focusing on the not-so-good things.

That was very special, wasn't it? You must really enjoy the way the Turkish people are toward children and families. I loved the hospitality post also.

You are really educating some of us (at least me) on the Turkish culture. You would make a good liason/ambassador for them!


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