Monday, March 22, 2010

Cappedocia Part VI: Rug Shop

No visit to Turkey is complete without a visit to a rug shop. Our friend in Cappedocia gave us a wonderful explanation of the culture behind rug weaving. In this region, a suitable husband must be able to make a good pot. A suitable wife must be able to weave a good rug. I am glad CC didn't hold me to that back in '96!

The way the rugs are shown is to throw them, one at a time, in front of the customer, creating big piles of rugs. Big Ben made himself at home!
Then the rug owner brought out an antique bag used to swing babies to sleep. It was made in a village hundreds of years ago. I'd say the woman that wove it ought to have found herself a good man, considering it held my 30 pounder after all these years!
You can not even imagine the shock on my face when the rug shop owner told all my kids...including my almost 11 year hop in!
Now that's a swing!
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