Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Here's to You, Mom and Dad!

Dear Mom and Dad, you won't get this til you are home, most likely! But as you grab a few hours of sleep before we have to head to the airport, I wanted to write you a short note of appreciation. Thanks for coming. Thanks for attempting something big like this at almost 70. Jet lag is rough. Travel is rough. Transition and living in suitcases is rough. But we want you to know how very much we appreciate the fact that you came. It meant a lot to us to have you walk our paths, see our normal day-to-day lives, visit places that we think are neat, spend time with us.
Thank you for helping with homework, listening to piano practice, playing with B.B., sitting at our table, bringing coffee!, encouraging us, being proud of us and why we are here. There are many things I am still realizing in life....things I don't yet know. But one thing I do know for sure is that I could not have better parents than you. I'll try to keep the goodbye light tonight. We'll hug and laugh about something that hulk of a baby of mine did this week or maybe joke one last time about Turkish driving, all the while knowing that the reality of it is that the goodbyes are the hardest part of being here. The day will come when there will be no more goodbyes. I'll like that. So, now I'll just say...thank you for coming. It was a perfect visit. Oh, and did you leave me the extra coffee?!


Melanie Keffer said...

Oh Sara. I had tears while reading this and agree with all you said.

Thanks for sharing a little of your time with your mom and dad.


P. S. I TOTALLY AGREE about the day when there will be no more goodbyes!! I am looking forward to that day myself.

The Niemeyer Nest said...

So sweet - you just made me cry! You are right the goodbyes are the hardest part! We moved to Nashville this summer from Charlotte and I cry like a baby everytime I leave my parents.

Deena said...

This is so sweet! I'm so glad you had this precious time with your Mom and Dad. I know they must be so proud of you and your beautiful family.

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