Thursday, April 27, 2017

Winter Ball 2017: Gettin' Ready

CC made it back JUST in time for the Winter Ball, our big prom event for the year. This would be the first time to host it in our new campus. The decision was made to have it in the Sports Complex. So, the kids got to work with the help of Miss V, their sweet do-anything-for-these-kids teacher.

CC brought back these cool Memphis t-shirts to the kids, a gift from their aunt.

As the day approached, I kept thinking, "NEXT YEAR Sweet Cheeks gets to go!!"

The kids chose the theme, "A Night In Paris."

Miss V knows to whom to delegate the artsy stuff. These girls covered a bulletin board with paper and just started painting. They truly think anybody could do it. But some of you readers will agree when I say, "No. I couldn't do that." They got their papa's artistic ability.

Here's the Winter Ball committee, hard at work, along with my sweet friend B, who loves these kids enough to help them do pretty much all they want to do.

And the painted Paris scene is coming along...

Meanwhile, stars are hung and city buildings are recreated. An Eiffel Tower goes up.

And they are done. Paris behind a bridge.

The next day we began an all-out effort to get everyone ready. Everyone wanted curly hair. The hot rollers and sponge curlers were in use the entire day. My bedroom became the fair maidens' chamber.

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Anonymous said...

Love it! Yes, your girls are VERY artistic. Noticed that long ago. Love to see their work. They did look beautiful. :) Reading about the preparations is the most fun from this end.

Melanie Keffer

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