Monday, April 10, 2017

Scotland Story: Edinburgh Castle Inside

The inside of the castle was amazing. It was such a contrast to the castles sprinkled throughout the country that we had seen. This beautiful and original (!) hammerbeam roof found in the Great Hall (a place for state meetings) dates back to King James IV in the 16th century. Its design is the bottom of a ship, flipped upside down. I loved it!

This guy will always find the suits of armor.

It was really lovely to see it decorated for Christmas.

There was building after building, display after display. It was truly so much to take in. But this was one of my favorite parts. The old jail is there. I was amazed to hear it held Americans during the War for Independence! This is an original door, now behind glass.

And this was my absolute favorite! An American prisoner of war from 1776 carved the stars and bars into this door.

Here's an enlightened diagram.

I guess I haven't grumped too much on this blog about being cold. I'm blogging from my nice warm home in April (though it did snow today!). But we were COLD that day. A storm blew in, but that was our day to see it, so we persevered! And the castle was fabulous!

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