Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Happy National Day, Kuwait!

If you've read my blog for any amount of time, you know that I really thought I'd be living in a hut somewhere in remote Mexico. But I didn't end up there. I ended up married to a wonderful man and going with him to the Middle East to work in a school in a city where many businessmen, embassy workers, ambassadors, and even presidents would like their children to be educated in English. Hence, we get invited to many national celebrations.

While CC was gone, I went as our family representative to the Kuwait National Day/Liberation Day celebration.

This "tree" in the reception room was made of dates! mmmm.

This picture I took with my iPhone as the Turkish national anthem was sung and the acting Kuwaiti ambassador to Turkey (a school parent) was standing with a member of Turkish parliament.

This sweet friend went that night, too. We both tried Arabic coffee together. It was delicious, but a little dab will do ya!

I asked these beautiful ladies to let me take their picture. The lady in the center is the ambassador's wife, and the young girl next to her is in our high school.

 These events are more fun when you have a buddy to attend with.

And I really like how this picture turned out. These young boys, students of ours, were adjusting their headwear.
 I am happy the USA helped Kuwait and that we have an ally in them.

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