Sunday, April 9, 2017

Scotland Story: Edinburgh Castle Outside

One thing CC certainly wanted us to see during our "city" time in Scotland was the Edinburgh Castle. Beautiful from the outside and within, it sits upon a rock high hill overlooking the city.

When we arrived in Edinburgh, CC parked the car at the hotel lot and said, "It stays." So everywhere we went, we walked. Many days that was many kilometers. But the walks were beautiful. We did get some rain and even some sudden blizzard like conditions one day, but on this day it was beautiful and crispy cold.

One fun thing we discovered is the cannon that is shot off every day at 1PM. This was so that the ship captains could set their time properly. Why 1 o'clock and not 12? Why, to save the gunpowder, of course. The Scots are frugal.

We hopped on a free tour by a lovely young Scottish gal. She was very informative and kind.

This beautiful building below was the Scottish National War Memorial and could only be photographed from the outside. It was formally opened in 1927 and honors the Scottish war heroes of both world wars plus more recent conflicts. It was so well done, and we felt it was extremely honoring. We even found where the animals who helped in the wars were honored. I am glad to have seen it.

Our Scottish guide offered to take a picture for us. She said she was once stuck in the South of the USA because of a cancelled flight. She experienced Southern hospitality and never forgot it.

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