Friday, April 21, 2017

Our First Home Basketball Game! Ever!

Here are a couple of shots of my 3 girls playing basketball at the gym of the Department of Defense School. Our girls had pulled off an undefeated soccer season and snagged the first place spot for the Ankara International Schools Invitational. Would they be able to do it in basketball? We won this one and were on our way!

This year, I volunteered to be the assistant coach for basketball. The young gals that coach are sporst are talented and encouraging to our girls. But occasionally it's nice to have a mom to collect forms, remind the kids to drink water and eat protein, and run some drills. It's good exercise, and it gives me more time with my kids and their friends. I loved helping this year! Here are our great kids on the bus to a game.

And finally the day came for us to host our first game. Sounds silly, but after 12 years of going to away games, when this scoreboard lit up for the first time and my buddy pressed the buzzer just as hard as she could, I teared up a little. I am so grateful for this campus! 

The gym needed work when we moved in. It leaked and needed a fresh paint job and a new floor surface. CC made it a priority to get it fixed up for us.

The girls played hard and beat those French School girls! Still undefeated! (Here's Twinkle for a layup.)

(Here's Miss Middler for a steal.)

At some point, a player ended up on top of one of my girls!

A free throw, with a big sister to rebound for you.

Firstborn plays post, Miss Middler guard, and Twinkle's got point guard.

We put our subs in and let them finish it out for us. The boys won that day too. We had to win on our first game in the gym! Still working towards first place....

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