Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Scotland Story: Downtown Edinburgh

Downtown Edinburgh was beautiful! We walked the streets (and walked and walked and walked) and enjoyed the buildings and buses. I vastly prefer Inveraray and the countryside, but for at least one CampbellClanKid, the city was her highlight.

As we approached Christmas, CC mapped out some neat religious activities for us to do. He found which churches would be having services, what time, how we could walk there. This parish church was having a Christmas carol sing-a-long, so we came in.

We really were happy about it, ha ha! Just maybe a bit tired from walking.

Afterwards, they had tea and treats for a small fundraising fee. We filled our bellies and got warm before hitting the streets once again.

Cutest Christmas kid ever!

And for supper, we headed back to the Christmas market and tried the cup of fried potatoes/onions/sausage/cheese. Yes, it was good.

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