Monday, April 24, 2017

45 and 49, Respectively

The next major event as we neared the end of winter was our shared birthday. We turned 45 and 49. We don't feel 45 and 49! We had a staff meeting that day, so he was given these birthday glasses to wear.

Our sweet teacher friend made this hilarious birthday mug of coffee for the day.

We don't always get to be together for our birthday because CC travels often during that time. But this year, we did! We decided to go out as a family to a Chinese place. Of course.

The brought us a dessert that was flaming with some sort of Chinese firework that should be used outdoors only.

It was great to get to go all together.

And at least one of our kids suggested we pose at this heart.

We did have a fun birthday dinner at home, too. If it looks like these Turkish candles are projecting flames upon my body, it is because they were. I felt a spark hit my neck as CC blew.

I love this guy so much and there's no one I'd rather spend my life on earth with (or make Snapchat videos with).

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Anonymous said...

Oh sweet! Happy birthday :)

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