Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spirit Week Fun

As school opened again to finish out the first semester, we were set to host our first ever home basketball games! You remember our previous campus had an outdoor court, but it just wasn't suitable in this climate to ever host a game. The energy and excitement around campus about our upcoming games was evident!

We were given three days for to dress in special clothes for Spirit Week. One of them ended up being a snow day (no complaints!), but we were sure to be there for 1980's day.

Let me tell you that my hair was born for the 80's. I had no problem accomplishing hair that caused my students to giggle and whisper as I walked down the hall. This only made me prouder! I threw on a blazer and some big beads and I was all set.

My kids needed clothes too. I took the girls, CC decked out the boy. He decided to dress Big Ben up in a semi redneck 80's theme. I asked CC if he ever wore a bandana around his leg like that. His reply, "No, but guys did." I had plenty of oversized sweaters. And of course the hair was no problem at all. They all came up to the teasing station in the morning.

Firstborn took this picture of us. We would have been friends in the 80's.

A big pep rally at break only added to the excitement!

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Anonymous said...

I love the 80's theme! Love your hair!

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