Sunday, November 1, 2015

Final Match

We were able to schedule one last game for volleyball since we had to cancel the tournament. The girls played hard. I'm sorry to say they didn't win. But they gave them a run for their money. We are playing teams that practice for months in an indoor heated gym. When I think about our kids...running laps in the cold in our neighborhood, sharing an outdoor court with the guys, I think they work twice as hard, and it makes us twice as proud.

'Bout to smack that ball!

She knew I was taking her picture, but didn't want to glance from the game!

And lookey here!!! My 3 girls IN THE GAME all together! I was so proud. Miss Middler rocked it!

They are all three getting so good, and I'm so proud of them for putting 3 practices a week into their already busy lives.

Get 'em, Campbell GIRLS!

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