Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Twinkle Turns 15: Get Ready Party

I just can't believe my girl turned 15! I blinked. She grew up. She decided to invite the girls in her discipleship group out for a nice dinner. She mentioned they'd be coming over to "Get Ready." I didn't get it. Get Ready? Did they have a sporting event right before? Do they not have hair dryers, mirrors, and make up at home?

She said, "Mom, it's just what we do. When we dress up for something, we Get Ready together." Ok, let's do the "Get Ready" part too then. Aren't they cute, after they Got Ready?

I didn't realize #4 photo bombed. Clearly Big Ben didn't really Get Ready.

We took her to a nice Italian place and let the girls order whatever they wanted. They are all skinny. But man, they put the food away! No doggie bags for our group.

I mentioned to our waiter that it was her birthday. I thought it might be fun to have a candle on her tiramisu. Little did I know that comment would lead to a loud-speaker blaring a hilarious birthday song, and everyone in the restaurant clapping. Sure am glad we Got Ready.

We had a wonderful meal. Then I walked over to the mall with her group of buddies who had all Gotten Ready. I told her she could pick out one item for me to buy her. Her friend piped up, "An Iphone!" Sweet girl just wanted a $10 sweater. We walked into the little shop, which was manned by two early-teen boys. When they saw those girls who had all Gotten Ready, they blushed, giggled, and tried to speak French to them. We answered in Turkish that we are American. They were so flustered, they couldn't even figure out how to run my credit card through. I decided cash might be a better option.
And so, she turned 15 and had a wonderful day. And if anyone is reading this with a little girl still at your knees, please know that the time will fly fast, so Get Ready.

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Jill said...

Your Get Ready girls are beautiful!

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