Friday, November 13, 2015

Beautiful Feet 2015: Welcome

The hotel my friend G chose was beautiful! They worked so well for us and accommodated our every need. We set up a table to welcome the participants as they arrived.

The team brought goodies to give away to bless those who came. My sweet sis-in-law sewed all these hand towels with a vintage shoe appliqued on them.

It was super fun to get free drinks and food anytime of the night or day! I thought I might go get a cup of coffee. The bartender gave me my coffee on a wooden tray with a flower and a brownie to go with it!

K was one of the main guest speakers, and she kicked us off Friday night. She used many props to illustrate her talk. It was wonderful!

We also enjoyed worship together with a 4 person worship team.

After a delicious breakfast (a "man" cooking made-to-order omelettes!), we started Saturday with another main session, followed by some optional break-out sessions. We scheduled in a free afternoon for everyone, for some REST. Miss Middler made some new friends, as she always does.

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