Friday, November 6, 2015

Happy 25th to our local church!

Our local church turned 25 years old last week! We celebrated by renting the ballroom in a local hotel and having all 4 of our congregations come together. In our small rented building each week, we have services in English, Farsi (Iran), Turkish, and Korean. The English service donated the cupcakes!

The cake arrived and was a bit plain. Soon, my eldest waltzed into church with a bouquet of flowers. Our neighborhood florist has been giving her a handful of flowers since she was 5. She donated her flowers to me, and I put them all around the cake!

These beautiful women are from a surrounding country. I asked if I could take their picture, and they agreed.

Later they blessed us so much in song.

Here's our dear Turkish friend S, and his sweet kids singing in their language.

I was so blessed that day. And to hear the music in so many different languages gave me a little taste of heaven. 

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