Monday, November 16, 2015

Day to Tour

I asked the team to stay one extra day at the coast. We worked hard for the weekend. I wanted them to rest up and see at least a couple of spots down there.

Most of us went to the beach for a quick (cold) swim in the Med.

The next morning we were up bright and early for one last breakfast and a quick trip to Perge.

We wanted to do a group photo. You know I have issues with camera timers. Big issues. My worst nightmare came true. Here's me. I set it up. I did not navigate my path to the picture prior to the click. Spectators said dust was flying.




Click. We would not stop laughing.

Take two.

The teens posed at the ancient game board.

Walking the steps of St. Paul.

We toured fast, but we did make it up to the 6th century church. I found a cross I'd never seen before.

It was so fun for me to share this time with my friend S. She's been my buddy since grade 7.

My heart was blessed by this guy. He came to help with the sound system and to lead worship. I discovered over breakfast on day 4 that my mom was his 5th grade teacher. Another small message to me from God.

"Team There" all together.

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