Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Day to Tour II

It killed me not to be able to take them to any more historical sites, but our time was so limited. We knew we wanted to see the main Biblical site, Perge. We had just a couple of hours and needed to stay near the airport. CC suggested I take them to the downtown harbor. It's beautiful, and it is where St. Paul docked.

K and I are in there. Somewhere.

 It truly was breathtaking! The natural harbor is the same. 2000 years didn't change much.

We lunched at a little seaside restaurant. Options were pide, kofte (meatballs), doner (shredded chicken).

We sailed through security, except for K's Antalya rocks. They flagged them. They told her she had to take out the bigger ones. She gave them a sad face. The security guard winked and stuck them back in when his supervisor left. We live in a "wink wink" country. And that's not all bad.

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Anonymous said...

What a wonderful conference and trip in general!


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