Sunday, November 8, 2015

Halloween Over Here

Halloween is not celebrated in this country, but we've created a fun night for our staff kids anyway. They dress up, we share a meal together, then the dads drive them to teacher apartments to trick or treat. It's super fun. This year my two older girls were out of town, so I just had the three littles. The night before we celebrated, CC and I were at the mall. We spotted this warm winter furry animal hats. We quickly sent a picture home, and the girls said they'd love to have one to dress up.

You know we have dog problems in our neighborhood (called Cigdem). The dogs are inbred with wolf-breeds in the forest. They are mistreated and stay agitated a lot of the time. Because Turkey is trying to follow EU standards, they won't euthanize them. So, we have to try to get along. Having a rock in hand to raise up helps. CC's nearly taken to carrying his homemade bullwhip. So, we had a bit of fun with this costume. Everyone who lives in our neighborhood appreciated the humor of this little girl in my faux fur vest.

Big Ben had a mole removed last week, complete with 5 stitches. While they were cutting it off, we discussed his Halloween costume. He wanted to be an "Indian." And he wanted his papa to be a cowboy. When your little boy is under the knife, you'll agree to anything. Besides, it's another chance to crack his bullwhip!

This bear hat made for a cute Miss Middler!

Chief Stoneface meets cute animals.

Here's all our little trick or treaters!

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