Saturday, November 28, 2015

Anniversary #19

We had such a lovely anniversary on November 16. Though we are not hitting a major milestone this year, #19 had to be one of my favorite anniversaries. Our children were so excited and jumped out of bed, wishing us a happy anniversary, giving us cards. The older girls had basketball until 6PM, so we came home and fed the younger ones, then went out for dinner alone. 

We went to the Japanese stir fry place I love! 

With the man I love! 

When I got home, I was given gifts from my children, which I certainly wasn't expecting. Twinkle Toes and Miss Middler painted me some watercolor art that is beautiful. I want to frame them. Then Firstborn presented me with this gift. I was speechless. She had taken pictures of things that created letters in our neighborhood (and one picture in Antalya). Then she put them all in sepia tone and paid to have them custom framed to spell out our last name. I really teared up. My kids are so thoughtful towards me. 

And then CC surprised me with this beautiful Turkish rug. We don't always do gifts for anniversary, so I just kept getting surprise after surprise.

And the best gift of all is the 6 people I live with!

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That was wonderful!


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