Monday, November 30, 2015

Pro Life

Firstborn is getting to choose some electives this year, which is fun for her. She is the yearbook editor, and she also signed up for Speech class. She has enjoyed creating and giving speeches, something that does not cause her a lot of anxiety. She had to choose a topic on which to give a persuasive speech. She chose the lie of Planned Parenthood "every child wanted." She wore her most professional clothes and delivered a homerun speech, knowing she might face some opposition. Her guy classmate came to tell me later, "I think she needs to run for President. She nailed it." I am proud of my daughter and her convictions. She's been firm in what she believes to be right/wrong since she was a little girl. Speak up and speak the truth! 

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Anonymous said...

She has always been such a doll. :-)


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