Monday, November 2, 2015

May The Best Men/Women Win

As a fun way to end the season, we threw together a teachers vs. students volleyball game. It was super fun for us to pretend we actually had a chance of beating the kids. But quite honestly, we shocked them and came a lot closer than they thought we would. The night before the game, I got a little too much teasing from my girls that I would not be able to re-create the high school overhand serve. I picked up the volleyball, served it in the den, and "almost" got the flat screen. The principal sternly told me to cut it out! It was super fun the next day to be face-to-face across the net from my daughters! We didn't win, but at least I got a "Mama, y'all were actually good. I was shocked!"

Firstborn snapped a few pictures of the boys' game.

The neighbors peered out of the windows. Turkish youth walked by and were overheard saying, " I don't know. I think they're all German."

CC rocked the court!

And who is going to call the Principal on a carry? I didn't think so.

That's him...vertical one in black and white. I think all his bicycling has made him think he's 30 again.

We even got to teach the kids our favorite cheer from high school. "We've got SPIRIT, yes we DO. We've got SPIRIT, how 'bout YOU?!" They just stared at us.
They can teach me about texting, I can teach them a thing or two about how to respond to cheers!

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