Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Fall Carnival Fun

Every year, our school hosts a fun night called the Fall Carnival. We are away from the American traditions of Fall and Halloween, so this is a small way we can bring in the fun of the season to our lives here. Each class creates a simple game. Each family donates a bag of candy. We sell a huge card of tickets for a couple of dollars, then the kids play games and win candy until we turn out the lights.

The kids are so creative in developing the games. We had everything from a cardboard pumpking decorating contest.... a sponge toss....
 ...indoor computer lab floor hockey...
 ....jail for your friends... my personal favorite, which made me laugh every time I thought of it....turn the elevator into a rocket ship!
Students are not allowed to ride the elevator, so it was a big hit that night! 
They can dress up if they want. Here's Willie from Duck Dynasty and "Anger" from Inside-Out. 

 Mrs. Clause even made an appearance with her brother, a skeleton!
 This hobbit cracked me up!
 I watched this little guy all night and could not for the life of me figure out who it was! Everytime I'd get near, he'd light up his eyes. He wasn't with parents while walking around, so I couldn't place him. Finally, I said, "I have to know who you are! Do you speak English?" Nods. "What grade are you in?" "K5" "What does your name start with?" "DANIEL!" So cute! It was one of my Mexican twins I have in Bible. I can't pass them in the hall without them giving me a hug. He giggled under his hood.

I dressed as a Renaissance lady, and finally found my costume mate...a knight from Grade 2!

It was a fabulous night. Each teacher signs up for one event to manage for the year. This was mine, and that's a wrap, folks! 

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