Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Ankara in Two Days IV

Probably one of the biggest highlights for all of us was our little trip down to the shack neighborhood at the edge of our town. We took food collected by the kids at school to distribute to some needy families living near us. This little gal was sobbing and would not be consoled. I later saw a picture of her, grinning ear to ear, next to one of the team members. It warmed my heart to see the rest of the story that day.

There are a couple of families that I recognize. I felt it was safe to accept their invitation to come in. They offered us tea, which we declined. But we did go in and greet them and spend a few minutes with them.

There are two families living in this small house. The patriarch told us this was one of his grandbabies.

We asked if we could pray for him. He simply asked that we pray for the health of all his children and grandchildren.

It was memorable for us. My new strategy for delivering Christmas boxes with my students is to find out the names and ages of all these kids, then assign a kid to each student.

We took one last picture as we left. This handsome refugee young man saw his opportunity to get in a picture with these pretty lasses. His folks and we both laughed at his amazing timing.

Beautiful people, beautiful day!

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