Saturday, October 31, 2015

Volleyball Ups and Downs

As you know from the news, our city was hit on October 10 by twin bombs which killed close to 100. It was the largest terrorist act upon this country in history. It affected several events in our lives, and put us all on closer alert. The kids had a volleyball tournament scheduled for the following weekend, and two of the teams are against US military kids. The military made the decision to cancel the tournament. This is not the first time this has happened to our kids, and it was disappointing. They practice for a couple of months 3X per week in anticipation of this one all-weekend tournament (no weekly games leading up to it). The real tragedy were the lives lost, but it also had a ripple effect for all of us. Still, the coaches were able to quickly plan some matches with the teams, but it had to be hosted in the military base for security purposes. The day of the game, we all got to wear jeans and school colors.

And spiked hair, if desired.

Our teams played hard. It was fun to support them in the bleachers. I lost my voice, I always do. That's my contribution.

The girls won their games. They've worked so hard, it was fun to win!

The 2015 Oasis Boys Team

And the lovely Girls Team. I love them all, but especially 9, 13, and 1!

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